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Zuma Personalize Your Bathtub

Choose a soaking tub only or elevate the bathing experience by adding bathing systems and accessories from Zuma.



Submerge yourself in an ambiance of complete serenity. The ancient ritual of bathing in
steaming hot water increases blood flow and stimulates endorphins, melting away tensions,
elevating spiritual perspective, and nourishing your inner beauty.
Zuma’s high density bathtubs are extra thick to provide superior heat retention, sound
insulation and are ergonomically designed for refined comfort. All Zuma bathtubs are covered
by a 20-year limited warranty.


The healing and preventative benefits of hydro-massage stimulate circulation, penetrate
deep hidden tensions, and restore vital energy sources.
Zuma whirlpool systems include many features, including strategically placed, low-profile jets,
silent air induction system, 1 HP Syllent pump with built-in heater, low water level protection,
remote control, and dual suction system.


Indulge yourself with the luxurious pampering of warm air bubbles, caressing your entire body
and bursting at the surface, showering your senses with restorative energies. Choose from
delicate to spirited with a single touch control.
Choose from two Airbath systems. System II features air jets placed around the perimeter of the
bathtub. System III includes air jets located throughout the floor of the bathtub, with each jet
featuring a dedicated check valve. Both systems are operated by a remote control and include
air blowers that utilize ceramic heating elements for optimum heat transfer, thus releasing
thousands of warm air bubbles. All Zuma Airbath systems feature an automatic purge cycle to
dry excess water.


Maximize your bathing experience with the restoring and sustaining powers of our combination
bathing system. Choose the variable soft touch of Airbath™, the deep muscle massage of
whirlpool, or the wonderfully transcending experience of both at the same time.
From soothing to invigorating, the dual bathing system offers the maximum range of therapeutic,
preventative, and pleasurable experiences. Combination systems include both whirlpool and Airbath
features operated by a remote control.


All Zuma Whirlpools include color match trim. The following metallic trim finishes are available as an upgrade.