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Americh Designer Series

Americh's full array of designer finishes and accessories allow you to personalize your bath and maximize your bathing experience.

Chromatherapy Lights

Revered in the healing traditions of India, China and Greece. Each color corresponds to a vibration with its own wave length and rhythum, leading to increased physical, psychological, and emotional wellness.




Americh's Rotary Jet upgrade provides the perfect massage action for back and feet.




Americh offers a variety of pillows to maximize bather comfort and enhance the bathing experience.


Grab Bars


Grab Bars are available to improve bather safety and accessibility in and out of the bathtub.




Don't just listen to your music while in the bath, feel it! Experience it! With speakers integrated into the internal structure of the tub, when you play your music through your personal device as MP3 players, tablets, mobil phones, etc... The entire tub becomes a speaker, pulsing with rhythum of music. Through Bluetooth technology you can play your favorite music and become a part of it.


Remote Control


Our completely waterproof remote control is ergonomically shaped, lightweight and fully submergible. The remote attaches to the side of your bathtub with strategically placed magnets for effortless access.


Lo-Profile Tub Edge


The option to trim the tub deck to 1/2" - 3/4" gives you a sleek looking bathtub profile.