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Americh Whirlpool Bathtubs


Aprons are available for customers looking for an endless finish of the bathtub. We offer several different styles of aprons with seamed and seamless versions.

Accessible Apron with Removable Panel

(to access motors and electronics)

Flat Apron

(Non-removable with seam or seamless)


Multi-Sided Apron

(designed for bathtubs with two, three or four sided aprons with seam or seamless)

Bermuda Apron

(exclusively designed for use on Bermuda corner units)


Tile Flanges


Americh's tile flange options are great for two or three wall installations. The tile flange provides a barrier to assure water does not drip behind the tub whicj could cause unnecessary water damage.


High Density Insulation

Americh's High density option incorporates extra layers of fiberglass reinforcement to help improve sound insulation and maintain water temperature.


Pump + Heaters

Inline Heater

Designed for the whirlpool bath and operates whenever the whirlpool system is running.

Syllent Pump

The Syllent Pump upgrade is energy efficient and the quietest pump in the industry. Adding the Syllent Pump will improve your bathing experience for years.



Serenity Soaker

Designed for non-jetted bathtubs and is a low voltage water circulation system that operates with minimal water movement.


Waste + Overflow

Exposed Drain

Primarily used for free-standing bathtubs. The exposed drains are available in several illustrious metallic finishes.

Cable Drive

Americh offers a cable-driven waste and overflow for use on most of their bathtubs. The cable-driven drain has less moving parts inside the tubing, reducing the possibility of clogging.



Linear Overflow

A slotted drain provides a more contemporary look.