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Amerec Steamer Accessories


The Comfort Flo Steam head is designed with a unique steam dispersion pattern that provides more even heat throughout the steam room and reduces the time required to reach the desired room temperature. Amerec Comfort Flo steam heads ensure each steam bath is a safe and pleasurable experience. Steam is delivered into the room through an internal Ryton plastic insulator, preventing the exterior metal surface from reaching high temperatures. The Comfort Flo steam head features a fragrance reservoir that allows the bather to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by dropping their favorite fragrance onto the reservoir.


Colors have a documented effect on our moods and using colored light to enhance feelings of inner peace and well-being is now an accepted practice.
Enhance the soothing and revitalizing effect of your steam bath with our ceiling-mounted color light therapy kit.



The Relax shower seat is an affordable seating option for steam baths and showers. It provides bathers a place to relax and enjoy the soothing benefits of steam. Constructed of easy to clean plastic, the Relax seat can be folded-up against the wall when not in use. Seat dimensions are 13”W x 9”D.


The injector eliminates the need to drop aromatherapy oils onto the steam head by introducing oils directly into the steam line. The K200i Control allows the bather to control the frequency and amount of aromatherapy oil pumped into the room. 



The ASX100 is a single housing water treatment system with a drop-in 10" cartridge. The system utilizes ScaleX2, a chemical-free scale prevention technology that utilizes Template Induced Crystalization to effectively protect equipment against the problems associated with hard water. In most cases, the ASX100 cartridge will perform for one-year between filter changes. Inlet shut-off and depressurization valve make changing the cartridges quick and simple. The ASX100-RFK replacement filter kit is available from Amerec.


Featuring the beauty and durability of Teak wood, this sturdy seat is an affordable seating option for baths and showers. The Teak seat provides bathers a place to relax and enjoy the soothing benefits of steam. Easy to clean, the Teak seat can be folded-up against the wall when not in use. Seat dimensions are 20”W x 13”D.



The ADP generator drip pan is designed for use with AK and 3K series steam generators. When properly installed and connected to an approved drain line, the ADP drip pan catches and drains away and water leaks from generator fittings. The ADP drip pan is constructed of stainless steel, features welded corners for reliability and an integral 3/4" stainless drain fitting.


The ADK automatic drain valve is compatible with AK and 3K series steam generators. The ADK valve is designed to drain and flush the generator tank after the end of each steam bath to reduce sediment build-up inside the tank, prolong heating element life and provide fresh water for each bath. The ADK drain and flush cycle waits approximately 17 minutes to allow water in the tank to cool, then calls for cold water input to further reduce water temperature before the motorized drain valve opens to drain the tank. Water continues to flow through the system to flush out sediment and debris, and then the tank remains empty until the next steam bath.



Ipod Docking Station

The Steam Shower Sound System offers superior sound quality for your personal steam shower.  Waterproof FM radio with iPod interface, pre-amp outlet and RF 2-way remote control. Waterproof  6" flush-mount, two-way speakers, polypropylene cones and powder coated stainless steel grilles.

Features of the iPod Docking Station include the following.


These 6”x9" speakers offer contemporary design, superior sound quality and an easy, low profile mount designed to complement the décor of your shower. These full range, two-way speakers mount very flush with minimum protrusion. Grills cover the mounting screws for a clean, professionally-mounted appearance. No holes are required for the mounting screws, and it is not necessary to access the rear of the mounting surface. The self-contained clamps automatically grip the inside of the mounting surface.