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Amerec Planning Your Steam Room

Most home steam baths are custom built on site. That
means yours can be easily customized to your preferred
size and shape – and with materials that match your tastes and bath décor (tile, stone, glass, etc.). You can also indulge in the added rewards of chromatherapy lighting and aromatherapy fragrance injection systems.

Everything you need to shape your personal steam bath
retreat is available from Amerec.

Your own personal steam bath at home: it is easier than
you might have thought. And once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever did without.

Steam can be added to any shower by totally enclosing the space and covering the walls and ceiling with a waterproof surface material such as tile. The steam generator is very compact, which means it can be installed anywhere it won’t be exposed to freezing temperatures – a basement, closet, cabinet or attic, for example.


Quality and Design

At Amerec, we understand that the quality of your steam bath experience is directly related to the quality of the products we design. Steam is our specialty; we know how to create the perfect steam bath environment because we appreciate and respect its long history as a healthy way to purify both body and mind.

In the steam bath business, the Amerec name is synonymous with quality and innovation. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for providing leading products and services that make it easy to capture your moment daily – in a healthy, comforting and refreshing cloud of pure, clean steam.


The Green Effect

Pure, clean water is a source and nurturer of life. But it is not limitless – some estimates say that 38 states will have a severe shortage of clean water within the next few years. Steam baths are friendly to the environment because they consume small amounts of electricity and water. A typical steam bath costs only $3 to $5 more in electricity each month when used 3 times a week.

An Amerec steam bath generator uses less than 2 gallons of water during one-half hour of operation. Compare this to jetted tubs that require 60 to 120 gallons of water to fill or a body spray system that consumes more than 100 gallons in 15 minutes.

Personal rejuvenation is not possible at the expense of peace of mind. With Amerec steam baths, the environmental advantages of being good to yourself are clear.