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Spa Vacs

Pump Action Spa Vac

Uses a simple pump action to create suction. No hoses or hook-ups needed . Over 4 ft in length providing a long reach. Includes Leaf Skimmer, Dual Nozzle, Wide Nozzle, Slide-On Brush, Wall Mount.

Part #DUCK4855


Siphon Spa Vac

Completely self-contained & the only portable vacuum on the market with a telescopic aluminum pole, (extends to about 8 ft total length) making it possible to clean even an in-ground spa without bending over.

Part # PSV-INDV (Individually boxed)

Siphon Spa Vac


The Grit Gitter and the Grit Gitter Stretch

The Grit-Gitter is great for vacuuming the filter compartment, tight corners, and hard-to-reach areas. There’s no need to get out, nothing to hook up, nothing to plug in, and no batteries necessary. The Grit-Gitter Stretch is a longer-reaching, versatile vacuum that allows you to clean without getting into the water. The extender portion can be removed to convert it to the familiar 9”-long Grit-Gitter.

Grit Gitter Spa Vac

Stretch Part #GG-120

Grit Gitter Spa Vac

Plastic Countertop Display Part #GG-101


Micro Vac

The Micro Vac is simple to operate and fun to use. Simply connect to your garden hose and its venturi vacuum system easily removes leaves, sand, dirt and debris from your spa or hot tub.

Part #MP1928L

Micro Vac


Telescopic Skimmer Net

Extends from 3’ to 5’.

Part #MP146

Skimmer Net