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Spazazz Aromatherapy

Spazazz Crystals

Spazazz Crystals offers therapeutic benefits that are a natural remedy for your aches and pains, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants for tension & stress and enhancement of innate self-healing capabilities. All Spazazz Crystals are available in 4 oz. bottles also!

Destinations Crystals

Hawaii - Aloha Paradise

Part # SZCH

NYC - Big Apple

Part # SZCNY

Paris - City of Love

Part # SZCPA


Original Crystals

Spazazz Crystals

Honey Mango

Part # SZCHM

Spazazz Crystals

Eucalyptus Mint

Part # SZCE

Spazazz Crystals

Warm French Vanilla

Part # SZCFV

Spazazz Crystals

Tropical Rain

Part # SZCTR

Spazazz Crystals

Sweet Pea Apple

Part # SZCAE

Spazazz Crystals

Pina Colada

Part # SZCPC

Spazazz Crystals

Coconut Vanilla

Part # SZCCV

Spazazz Crystals

Pink Grapefruit

Part # SZCPG

Spazazz Crystals

Ocean Mist

Part # SZCOM

Spazazz Original Crystals Fresh Cut Flowers

Flora Wood

Part # SZCFW

Escape Crystals

Spazazz Escape Crystals Kiwi Pear

Kiwi Pear

Part # SZCKP

Spazazz Escape Crystals Lavender Palmerosa

Lavender Palmarosa

Part # SZCLP

Spazazz Escape Crystals Verbena Lime Coconut

Verbena Lime Coconut


Spazazz Escape Crystals Green Tea Peony

Green Tea Peony


Spazazz Escape Crystals White Musk Jasmine Vanilla

White Musk Jasmine Vanilla


Spazazz Escape Crystals Grapefruit Orange

Grapefruit Orange

Part # SZCGO

Spazazz Escape Crystals Paradise Fruits

Paradise Fruits

Part # SZCPF

Spazazz Escape Crystals Pomegranate


Part # SZCP

His & Her Novelty Aromatherapy Crystals

17 oz. & 4oz. bottles available

Spazazz Set the Mood Appletini

Poker Night / Bunco Night = Play All Night


Spazazz Set The Mood Strawberries N’ Champagne

Work It In / Sweat it out = Let's Get Physical


Spazazz Set The Mood Sex On The Beach

Break Up / Make Up =
Fire & Ice



All American  - Rebel

Part # SZCAA

Nascar - Burnin' Rubber

Part # SZCN

Red Neck - Rough & Rugged



Set The Mood Crystals

Created to Inspire Desire - 10 seductive aromas to enhance your hot tub experience.
Arouse the senses and relieve the pain.

Spazazz Set the Mood Appletini

Apple Sandalwood (Revive)

Part # SZCAS

Spazazz Set The Mood Strawberries N’ Champagne

Strawberries N’ Champagne

Part # SZCSC

Sex On The Beach




Part # SZCMA

Spazazz Set The Mood Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9

Part # SZCLP9

Spazazz Set The Mood Chocolate Lovers Cocktail

Mimosa / Celebrate

Part # SZCMI

Sangria - Wild Fiesta

Part # SZCS

Spazazz Set The Mood Flirty


Part # SZCC

Moonshine Whiskey - Bottoms Up

Part # SZCMW

RX Therapy Line

All Natural Blends formulated to target specific ailments. Added vitamins C,A,K,E, Arnica & Calendula.

  1. Alleviate sore muscles.
  2. Replenish the body with vitamins

Let the healing begin

Spazazz Muscle Therapy

Muscular Therapy / Hot’n Icy Blend

Part # SZCMT

Spazazz Detox Therapy

Detox Therapy / Purify From The Outside In

Part # SZCDT

Spazazz Joint Therapy

Joint Therapy / Reduce Inflamation

Part # SZCJT

Spazazz Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy / Relieve

Part # SZCRT

Spazazz Stress Therapy

Stress Therapy / De-Stress

Part # SZCST

Spazazz Stress Therapy

Energy Therapy / Boost

Part # SZCET


Skinny Therapy / Reduce & Firm

Part # SZCSS


Sport Therapy / Rebuild



Spa Beads

Tempt your senses with this delicious infusion of tropical aromas. Spazazz Spa beads revitalize and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Experience each of the Spazazz Tropical Spa bead fragrances in your spa or throughout your house…

  • The Spa: Simply insert net with beads into your spa dispenser or toss directly into the spa. Let the exotic aromas whisk you away!
  • The Humidifier: Simply place mesh net with beads into the water. Ahhh, enjoy the therapeutic waters!
  • The Vacuum: Simply sprinkle Spa Beads on carpet and vacuum. Viola; your room will fill with a pleasing aroma.
  • Car Sachet: When you hit the road leave the stress behind with an amazing aroma that fits your mood

Spa Beads Original Fragrances

Honey Mango

Part # SZBHM

Warm French Vanilla

Part # SZBFV

Tropical Rain

Part # SZBTR

Sweet Pea Apple

Part # SZBAE

Pina Colada

Part # SZBPC

Ocean  Mist

Part # SZBOM

Flora Wood - Fresh Cut Flowers

Part # SZBFW


Set The Mood Spa Beads

Strawberries & Champagne

Part # SZBSC

Sex On The Beach



Part # SZBM

Cosmo - Flirty

Part # SZBCO


Mimosa - Celebrate

Part # SZBMI

Sangria - Wild Fiesta

Part # SZBS


RX Therapy Spa Beads

Muscle Therapy

Part # SZBMT

Joint Therapy

Part # SZBJT

Respiratory Therapy

Part # SZBRT


Detox Therapy

Part # SZBDT


Stress Therapy

Part # SZBST


Energy Therapy

Part # SZBET


Sport Therapy





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