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Sanitizers & Shocks

Bromine Tabs (1.5 lb. , 4 lbs.)


Based on Dantabrom chemistry, these tabs provide a concentrated source of active bromine that is ideal for hot tub sanitizing. These tablets dissolve slowly and evenly and fit in most spa feeders and floaters to provide continuous disinfection of your spa.

Part # LT45425 (1.5 lb.), LT45430 (5 lb.)



Specifically designed to be used with Free, new Leisure Time Boost is a non-chlorine, liquid shock formulated to break down oils, lotions and other organic materials. (32 oz.)

Part # LT45505


Renew® non-chlorine shock oxidizer


Renew non-chlorine shock oxidizer is a fast-dissolving granular that rids spa water of residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials that can build up in spa water.
When Renew non-chlorine shock oxidizer is added to the spa water, it reacts with the bromide and forms a bromine solution to destroy any microorganisms left behind by the bather. Part of the Reserve & Renew® Chlorine-Free Sanitizing System

Part # LTRENU (2 oz. packets), LTRENU2 (2 lb.), LTRENU5 (5 lb.)

Free® chlorine-free sanitizer

Free Sanitizer

This 100% chlorine and bromine-free sanitizer is virtually odor-free and controls bacteria longer than chlorine or bromine (16 oz.).


Biguanide sanitizer Unique blue color

Part # LT45500




Replenish is a 4-in-1 blend that combines the power of Oxone® with chlorine to shock, oxidize, buffer and clarify spa water. It is ideal for spas with mineral systems and is compatible with chlorine and bromine sanitizers. Replenish is completely soluble, dissolves quickly and keeps spa water clear and inviting. (2 lb.)

Part # LT45310

Renew® OZ Tabs

Renew Oz Tablets

A non-chlorine shock oxidizer that is conveniently packaged in easy-to-dose tablets that quickly dissolve in spa water and break down residual soaps, deodorants, natural oils and organic materials before they have a chance to form combined chlorine. (1.75 lbs.)

Part # LT45305


Sodium Bromide


Establishes an immediate bromide reserve in your spa. (2 oz. packets, 1 lb.)

Part # LTBE (2 oz. packets), LTBE1 (1 lb.)



This specially formulated mix of bromide salts becomes a powerful bromine sanitizer when combined with Leisure Time Renew. Not only is this two-part system completely chlorine-free, but there are no unpleasant side effects typically associated with other non-chlorine sanitizing systems. Use Reserve as part of the Reserve & Renew® Sanitizing System.(32 oz.)

Part # LT45300


Spa Mineral Purifier


Easy-to-use cartridge containing an EPA-registered mineral formula that destroys bacteria while reducing chlorine or bromine use up to 50%.

Part # LT23434

Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules


Specifically formulated for spas, this concentrated granular chlorine effectively sanitizes and disinfects hot water. (2 lb., 5 lb.)

Part # LT22337 (2 lb.), LTE5 (5 lb.)


This convenient and effective spa start-up hot tub shock comes in an easy to pour packet, with a unique effervescent feature so you know it’s working. Its bubbling action properly shocks your hot tub water and sets the initial chlorine level on freshly filled spas up to 500 gallons; and for SPA FROG® Mineral System users, it helps extend the life of your bromine cartridges. Simply open and pour the hot tub shock package into your spa when starting up a freshly filled hot tub (approximately every 4 months). Not currently using the SPA FROG Fresh Mineral Water® System to take care of your hot tub? Learn how you can use less chlorine and bromine while still enjoying softer crystal clear water, with no faded swimsuits or smelly odors. SPA FROG Floating System | SPA FROG In-Line Hot Tub System

Part #SF01-14-6012

Spa Frog JumpStart




SPA FROG Floating System uses pre-filled
mineral and bromine cartridges that snap into a
eusable floating holder and work in any spa. SPA
FROG® Floating System transforms your spa into
the perfect environment for soothing relaxation
using up to 50% less bromine.

Part # SF01-14-3862 (Floating System)
Part # SF01-14-3812 (Mineral Cartridge)
Part # SF01-14-3824 (Bromine cartridge)
Part # SF01-14-3856 (Cartridge Kit - IncludesPart #SF01-14-6012

Spa Frog Floating System


Flippin’ FROG® Floats 'til it Flips!

Flippin’ FROG keeps it that way with its patented minerals and a low dose of chlorine in an easy-to-use, easy-on-the-pocket, dual cartridge system. Best of all, it flips over when the chlorine is empty and needs to
be replaced. For pools 12-18 feet in diameter or 2,000 to 5,000 gallons.


Part # FF01-12-8412 (Kit), FF01-03-8350 (Cartridge)

Spa Frog @ease automatic hot tub water care system

Introducing the innovation of SmartChlor® Technology – the self-regulating chlorine that works together with FROG minerals in the easy to use @ease Floating System. Enjoy the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water® that’s cleaner, clearer, softer and easier™ to take care of with the unique properties of SmartChlor Technology that uses up to 75% less chlorine* and greatly reduces
hot tub maintenance like shocking.


Part # SF01-14-3256 (Kit), SF01-14-3258 (3-Pack Cartridge)