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Spa Blanklets & Cover Care

Foam Thermal Blanket

Spa Foam Blanket

1/4” Thick (Blue / Black). Saves energy, saves covers, saves money! Thermal Blankets reduce energy costs and helps extend the life of your vinyl cover.

Available in 3 sizes:
6’ Part #FB6
7’ Part #FB7
8’ Part #FB8

Solar Blanket

Spa Solar Blanket

Extends cover life. At the same time it reduces water evaporation and increases spa cover efficiency.

Available in 3 sizes:
6’ Part #SOL6
7’ Part # SOL7
8’ Part # SOL8



Cover Caps

Cover Caps

The Hot Tub Cover Cap is made from tough, durable woven polyethylene and is designed to protect your hot tub & hot tub cover from harsh weather conditions.

Available in 2 sizes:
7’ x 7’ x 12”L Part #COVERCAP7x12
8’ x 8’ x 12”L  Part #COVERCAP8x12


Part #'s

STEELCORE Safety Cover straps & Locks

Spa Cover Wind Straps

STEELCORE lockable cut resistant straps to secure your Spa/Hot Tub cover. Available in your choice of Black, Brown, Gray or Tan
Patented locking spa straps made with s.e.w. steel encased webbing. All Steelcore spa/hot tub strap sets include stainless steel screws, and everything you need for installation and a 2-year factory warranty.
Steelcore spa strap sets are for household-sized spas and are adjustable up to 12ft. Custom sets are available for larger size commercial spas. Steelcore works with all insurance companies, health and building departments in satisfying safety requirements.
NOTE: the adjusting buckle can not be undone when the spa straps are locked, this is for security purposes.


Locking Security Straps

Locking Security Straps for Spa Covers

The BEST security strap available today. Each strap kit includes 12 feet of two inch wide adjustable polypropylene strapping providing superior UV resistance and lockable all stainless steel hardware for maximum strength. This strap can be mounted to the spa cabinet or platform decking. Available in Black.


Wind Straps

Spa Cover Wind Straps

If you are in an area with a lot of wind add extra security/wind straps to your spa cover, set of 2 - 10’ long. Available in black or brown.

Part #IDWS-Black, IDWS-Brown



303 Protectant

303 Counter Top Display

Counter Top Display - 2 oz. spray bottles

Part #303COVER-30302

303 Protectant

Keep your cover protected from the elements with 303 Protectant, the leader in UV screening technology.


303 Wipes
303 Protectant .10ML Packet

Part #303COVER-30322

303 Wipes
303 Protectant Wipes - 40 per a tube

Part #303COVER-30321