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Surface & Filter Cleaners

Instant Filter Clean


Fast-acting spray & rinse formula with color spray indicator for complete coverage.

Part # LTN

Filter Clean


Concentrated formula deep cleans filter to remove dirt, oil, grease and scale.

Part # LTN (Pint), LTO (Quart)



AquaFinesse Filter Clean Tablets

Aqua Finesse Clean puck

Filter cleaning tablets to help you keeping your filter in optimum condition.

Part # AFCleanPuck

Jet Clean from Leisure Time.


Keeps spa and jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals.

Part #LT45450


Hand held cartridge cleaner


Part #waterwand


Aqua Comb


NO MORE SCALE - NO MORE HARD WATER. Hard water is NOT good for your spa or hot tub. It can cause cloudy “gassy” water, it will certainly block your filter with limescale, you can spend hundreds of dollars over 3 years unnecessarily in chemicals and it will invariably damage/limit the efficiency of your heater.

Fill your spa using the Pure-Stream De-Ioniser and you will be rid of all these problems. This is NOT the same as using a water softener - this device (which lasts for 20 FILLS! thats about 7-10 years) de-ionises the calcium thus rendering it harmless to your system.
It’s like filling your spa with ‘Evian’ bottled water!

Part # purestream

Pure-Stream Spa Filter

Pure Stream Spa Filter




A concentrated cleaner designed to remove build-up above the waterline. Cleanse is specifically designed to work with the Leisure Time Free Sanitizing System.

Part # LT45525



Surface Cleaner Featuring the natural cleaning power of citrus, this spray-and-wipe formula cleans and degreases almost any surface — from spas and hot tubs to swimming pools, patio furniture and more. It goes to work on the toughest grease and grime quickly and easily, leaving behind nothing but a pleasant citrus scent.

Part # LT45405


Jet Clean from Leisure Time.


Keeps spa and jetted tub plumbing clear of organics, oils, dirt and minerals.

Part #LT45450

Fast Gloss


A polish and cleaner made from reactive silicones that meets the performance requirements of today: durability, depth of gloss, water repellency, easy application and buffing without streaking or smearing.

Part # LTP


System Flush

System Flush

Removes bio-films and deposits without harsh or toxic chemicals.



Scum & Oil Cleaners

Scum Bug


Scumbug™ is insatiable! When placed in a clean pool or spa, it eliminates the formation of scumlines. Capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in body oils and lotions, Scumbug™ provides 300% more surface area than competitive products and will not get clogged in water lines. When saturated, simply squeeze out, clean and reuse. Under normal conditions, Scumbug™ should last an average season.

Ultra Mitt


Ultra Mitt is infallible! Featuring a lightly abrasive open-hand surface permanently bonded to a durable, waterproof latex glove, Bugmitt™ provides the user with the largest scrubbing surface possible to remove even the toughest scum, slime and grime deposits. Ultra Mitt is ideal for use on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl and tile.

Part # BM1-12


Scum Balls

Scum Balls

The Scumball floats in your spa, hot tub, or pool to remove & absorb body oils, scum & lotion residues. Scum Ball is made of foam rubber.

Part #SB or SB2 (2 pack)



The Spa Cleaning Pad

Spa Pad

WON’T SCRATCH SPA SURFACES! Made from crushed walnut shells. Gentle, yet strong enough to remove heavy dirt and grime. Gives your spa a clean look. Reusable.

Part #SP




The ZorbO oil scum absorber is one of the most significant advances in hot tub water care in years!  The amazing hi-tech material in the ZorbO actually absorbs up to 15 times its weight in oil scum and lotion residues out of the water, without soaking up the water itself.  Yet it does so without the use of chemicals or hazardous ingredients, and lasts for months.

The elimination of oil scum means a healthier, more enjoyable spa.  You'll have cleaner, clearer water, while using less chemicals.

Part #Zorbo

Zorbie for Hot Tubs


Removes contaminants right off the surface. Stopping the Bacteria laden Dead Skin, Body Oil, Makeup, from going round & round, within your circulatory system.
The majority of the Dead Skin, will collect on the Zorbie, rather than congeal on your filter.

Part #Zorbie